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Welcome to 22nd Fleet Command

First my apologies to those of you who have either had difficulties signing up to our previous site, or who were successful and had to start their applications all over.  However, I hope this will prove to be a much better home for us all.

22nd Fleet Command is a Role-play Fleet within the Star Trek Online environment.  We strive to give Captains the opportunity to involve themselves with more intricate stories and more meaningful combat. 

Whilst we are a fledling fleet, we believe this to be a strength.  We have not migrated from any other game or been an established guild community in any other form.  We are therefore specifically tailored to the STO game and are inviting members to join us and help shape our future.

At the heart of our fleet is member participation and you will see that whilst the Administrators play a significant role in managing the Fleet, we want as much of our operations to be controlled by members through in character and in game actions.  We are therefore looking for strong candidates who we believe we can promote through the ranks and who will be able to lead the fleet and those officers under them towards a greatly enriched gaming experience.

If you think that's you, then please sign up.

We welcome people of all regions and whilst we do not have an age restriction, we have an open mature content themse.  
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